Monday, July 5, 2010


Chocolate is a world favorite, and in Istanbul, there is no exception to that statement. In shopping malls, and larger stores, chocolate fountains are there for the chocoholics. You can get a cup of fruit topped with the chocolate sauce that is running from this fountain. choc'nette is the name of the most popular chocolate fountain business. This one has both regular and white chocolate fountains. I have not tried this yet. It looks a bit too decadent.

I visited some art galleries this week. The Yapi Kredi bank has an art gallery featuring an exhibition of Italian and Turkish artists. An Italian artist by the name of Aldo Mondino, created a Byzantine style mosaic of chocolates wrapped in foils. The piece measures 190 cm by 240 cm, so it is not small. The following picture shows a closeup of one of the arched windows.

The chocolate company of long standing in Turkey is named Mabel, and they are still in business. The company started in 1947 and you can look at their wares on their website.

Hope your day includes a little chocolate!

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