Thursday, June 9, 2011

Upcoming Elections

Every four years, elections are held for parliment seats.  Turkey has many, many political parties and all have decorated the town with flags.  Once again, business is booming for flag makers.  The election takes place this Sunday, June 12th.

Parties have been holding rallies for months - one took place in Taksim on April 19th and attracted a big crowd.

Police were on hand for crowd control, with protective shields and the added benefit of the Lipton fruit tea pyramid for cover.  The rally was peaceful, without incident.

The incumbent party is busy getting construction projects completed as well as a fair number of sprucing up projects.  Today a road divider gets a coat of alternating yellow and white paint.
On Istiklal, the old paint is scraped off of the barrier to keep cars off of the "walking" street.
And then all got a new coat of the yellow paint.
I wonder how the parents of the children who made a beeline to touch the wet yellow paint will vote in the upcoming elections...

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