Thursday, February 16, 2012

Death on the Balcony

This morning, we had a small freshly broken egg on the balcony.  Most likely, it belonged to a pigeon.  We have lots of pigeons in the neighborhood, which I have seen as a nuisance.  I think they are attracted to the cat food left outside for the stray cats.  During last week's snow, a number of pigeons were hanging out on our neighbor's balcony.
 Twice we have had snow for several days in a row.  Much, much more snow than last winter.  The city did put salt down on selected roads, and I never saw a snow plow or shovel.   But, back to the birds.  Since I am now feeling sorry for the new baby pigeon that will not be this spring, I pronounced the day "be nice to birds day".
 The pigeons in a tree by the Beykoz harbor today, were a pretty sight.  If you can't see them here, ...
a little bit closer, ...
 and a another little bit closer.
Seagulls are all around the Bosphorus.  Here are a few on the steps used to embark on the ferry, ...
 all pointing into the wind.
Hope you see lots of birds today!

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