Saturday, March 3, 2012

office/art museum

The red brick building in the middle of the picture of buildings in Rumeli Hisari is the destination for today.  The building sits on the European side of Istanbul, just south of the 2nd bridge.  
It is known at Perili Kosk and has a unique style of architecture.  Heading toward Bebek via ferry, the building's turret stands out on top of the building just beyond the Rumeli fortress.  
The building is the headquarters of the Borusan Holding company, Monday through Friday, and a contemporary art museum on Saturday and Sunday.  A clever use of space, indeed.  Although the building looks very heavy from the outside, the inside is very airy and light.  Large windows and glass walls between offices provide the interior with wonderful natural light.
On each level there are terraces, with spectacular views of the Bosphorus.

  The "boru" in Borusan means tube or pipe, and this was the original charter of the company, to make pipes.  Much of the contemporary artwork is made with lines, tubes, pipes - a nice connection to the company's beginnings.  Our favorite piece was a set of three jumbles of colored telephone wire suspended from a shelf.  Below the jumbles were light sources, which lit up various and changing portions of the wire.  It is hard to describe, but the Madrid based artist, Daniel Canogar, is a master of magical light.  He is also the artist featured in a special exhibit on display until April 15, 2012, titled "River of History".
No photos can be taken inside the office/art museum, but I did take a picture of the brochure photo of the board room.  The glass tube light fixture is by Keith Sonnier, and the line painted walls by Jerry Zeniuk - contemporary pipes!
This would be a wonderful place to work, as long as you don't mind clearing your desk off every Friday for the weekend museum visitors!

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