Saturday, April 24, 2010

Being like Melissa

My niece, Melissa, has an eventful blog, as she spends a year in various locations with Americorps. So why not do the same, as I embark on an adventure to Istanbul, Turkey for an undetermined period of time?

I expect to explore the city in further detail while living there, than I had been able to do on short visits in the past. I will be leaving with a brand new blank journal book, given to me by Alison, from my book club! The journal cover design is beautiful and reminds me of the Byzantine designs I hope to find in the old Constantinople that is modern day Istanbul. Istanbul is a huge city, that has one foot in Europe and one foot in Asia. The Bosphorus, a beautiful body of water that separates the two sides provides an atmosphere unique to this city. My husband and I will be living on the Asia side, with a bit of the Bosphorus in view from our balcony.

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