Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Color Orange

I purchased a vase recently. Not only is it orange, but it is in the shape of an orange segment. It is made by Pasabahce, one of my favorite shops in Turkey. They have been making glass pieces for everyday and art since 1938. There is also a village named Pasabahce, just a few villages north of me on the Asia side. It was the location of their factory until a recent relocation out of the area. When they first established the factory, it was probably considered far out from the city, but as the city grew, it became incorporated into the densely populated part of Istanbul. I did take a walk by the factory to see if it was completely closed down, and it appeared so.
Nearby, a creative someone seems to have made a home out of containers and painted them orange. So in keeping with an orange theme, here is the container house,...

and a more traditional house in another part of town, ...

life saving equipment on board a newer ferry, ...

and a couple of flowers from my brother-in-law's garden.

I just bought the flowers for my vase today and wonder if my husband will notice them. He had not yet noticed the orange vase!

Hope all are noticing some orange in the changing seasons.

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