Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Hoppy Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year - the year of the rabbit!  This picture is of Turkish rabbits, not Chinese, but surely, just as cute. 

What we do have in Istanbul that is Chinese, is a photo exhibit at Istanbul Modern by Yao Lu, titled "New Landscapes".  Yao has cleverly created landscapes similar to those painted during the Song Dynasty (960 - 1279), but using photo images of the commonly found green dustproof nets covering construction debris in the landscapes.  From a distance, the photoes look peaceful and poetic.  Upon closer examination, the construction debris mounds are evident, as well as the digitally inserted pagodas, waterfalls, animals, etc.  Wonderful images!
The exhibition is sponsored by the 798 Photo Gallery in Beijing.  For anyone who toured the 798 art district with me in Beijing, this was our first stop.  Their website is located at and contains samples of Yao's work as well as other artists.

"New Landscapes" is on exhibit at Istanbul Modern until May 22, 2011 and well worth a visit!

Have a happy, hoppy and healthy Chinese New Year!

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