Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Kanyon is a high end shopping mall in Istanbul, which I often frequent to attend my book club, which meets in one of the cafes.  Outside the front entrance to the mall are neighboring tall office buildings.

Looking inside the mall, you can see the man made canyon, for which the mall got it's name "Kanyon".  In Turkish, the letter "c" sounds more like the English "j", so this alternate spelling of canyon sounds more like the English word.
The mall is still sparkling with the Christmas/New Year's/Valentine's Day decorations.
The Vakko department store model with a grape head piece and pine cone bodice advertises a big sale.
The Harvey Nichols department store always has the best windows.  The wooden clothes pin full length evening gown, ...
(a closeup, in case you don't believe they are real clothes pins), and
a baby grand piano made out of cassette tapes.  Great recycle idea!
For me, Kanyon has two good sized book stores with some English books and an Asian restaurant named Wagamama  (a chain from the U.K.) with a tasty grilled sea bass topped salad and celery/apple/mint juice.

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