Monday, December 5, 2011


Cengelkoy is a village on the Asian side of Istanbul.  The word "cengel" means "hook" and in this village, it represents the shape of the inlet along the Bosphorus.  

 Cengelkoy is located two villages to the north of the first bridge.  On a clear day you can easily see the outline of the historic section of old Istanbul.
 Smaller boats are harbored here, with experience needed for maneuvering the dock in the dark.
The most famous spot for tea in Cengelkoy, is under the sycamore tree.  An ancient tree with a huge trunk and supported limbs sits between a small mosque and the Bosphorus.
Team rivalries go back many years in Turkey.  In the Ottoman period, two teams competed in horsemanship - the cabbage men and the okra men.  A fountain in front of the police station shows the cabbage men support.
 Throughout Turkey, the very small Cengelkoy seedless cucumbers are the best.  I doubt many or any are grown in this congested village, but the name remains.
Cengelkoy also has a very nice bakery with their bread making processes displayed in ceramic on the store front.
 A few eateries offer the delicacy of kokorec, which is lamb intestine cooked on a rotisserie.   I have never tried it, so I cannot vouch for its taste.
 I can vouch for the almond meringue cookies, which are a tasty treat!

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