Tuesday, December 6, 2011

a ferry ride

Just before heading out on my adventure for the day, I spotted a naval ship cruising down the Bosphorus.  You do not see naval ships very often.  After it was out of range, I left the apartment and took the bus to Anadolu Kavagi, the northernmost ferry stop on the Asian side.  My goal was to take the ferry from Anadolu Kavagi across the Bosphorus to Rumeli Kavagi.  This is the only Bosphorus ferry crossing that I had yet to take.  Temperatures today were forecast for the low 60's, so it seemed a good day for this excursion.
 While in Anadolu Kavagi, it was much easier to spot the castle at the top of the hill with the leaves off the trees.
 The ferry pushed off from the village of fish restaurants and fishing boats, ...
My Mom's house sold last week, and to celebrate, I brought my copy of her front door key with me and slipped it into the Bosphorus.  It can spend the rest of its life flowing back and forth between the Black Sea, just beyond the horizon line of this picture and the Sea of Marmara.
 Looking back to Anadolu Kavagi and the castle.
 And approaching Rumeli Kavagi on the European side of the Bosphorus.
 We were in about 50 feet of the ferry landing when an attendant on land shouted to us.  Evidently there were no passengers to get on the ferry, so we did not stop, but continued to the next stop, Sariyer.  That was fine with me.  I was heading there to see the exhibit of terra-cotta figures at the Sadberk Hanim museum.  No picture taking at that museum, but it is a very good one.
 After Sariyer, I bussed down to Yenikoy and after passing the cats on the pumpkin ledge, ferried back to Asia

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