Monday, October 25, 2010

Black Sea at Anadolu Feneri

It is amazing how far away from town the city bus will take you. Today, being a warm sunny day, I ventured out on the 15D bus leaving from Kavacik and heading north to the village of Anadolu Feneri. The bus ride was about an hour from Kavacik, with a price tag of $1. We drove along the Bosphorus for a portion of the ride and then up and down inland hills before reaching our destination. As the bus pulled into the last stop, I saw a cute lavendar cafe for lunch. Menu items and prices were displayed in the window, and I selected the beans and rice, which were yummy.
It did not take me long to find the street that houses the lighthouse, which locals say was established in 1648. There is another lighthouse to the west a few kilometers, and these lighthouses, mark the entrance to the Bosphorus from the Black Sea.

From near the lighthouse, you can see where the Bosphorus opens to the Black Sea. The Black Sea was looking very blue, due to our clear skies. The air was very fresh up here.

I walked around the village, which is home to many cats.

The white house with lavendar trim was my favorite.

If you are looking for a home with a view, there are a couple available. Some reburbishment needed.

Here is another view of the Black Sea from between two fairly large houses. To the right, is the lighthouse with the adjacent mosque and minaret.

On one wall of a building was some missing plaster, which a creative person turned into the head of a deer.

After an enjoyable visit, I jumped back on the 15D for the ride back home. I'll have to log this tour into my "Istanbul for under $10 a day" journal.

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