Monday, October 18, 2010

From Soguksu to Cubuklu

I was in the Soguksu (Cold Water) section of Pasabahce last week and decided to take a walk down to the Bosphorus. On the map, I found a fairly straight route down, that would take about 30 minutes, walking. But I had only gone about one block down and found that the road I wanted to take to the right was uphill, so I turned to the left and went downhill. At each intersection, I chose the most downhill route. Purple and lavendar colored houses are not as prevalent at pink, but I did find some lavendar on this route.
In front of a well made house, there is a quickly fashioned one room residence, possibly a squatter residence. If a roof can be established, the squatters can have some rights. This work gets done at night, and in one night.
At one bend in the road, I was happy to see a stream, which certainly would be flowing to the Bosphorus. I knew I was heading in the right direction, following the stream.

But at the pretty red leaves, the stream veered to the right and the road to the left and I was soon faced with an intersection, with all roads going uphill. I went to the left again - the hill was not as steep.
You do not see much graffiti in Istanbul. Occasionally, you do see some painted walls, although there has been a plan in painting either by the town or the school by the wall.

After 45 minutes of walking, I could see the Bosphorus in the distance. I had reached Cubuklu (With Twigs) and the rain arrived at the same time. I ducked into a shop for a spinach pastry lunch and then walked up the main street to see the village.

The rain continued, so I walked to the Cubuklu bus stop and rode back to Anadolu Hisari along the Bosphorus. It was an enjoyable walk, albeit not quite the one planned.

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