Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Crisp Fall Morning

Yesterday morning, we had sunny skies with temperatures in the mid 60's and humidity down to 55%. That will be the closest we get to a crisp fall day. We had had a few days of rain, some quite heavy, but the evening before, the clouds broke as the sun was setting and we had a beautiful sunset. The fall color will not be as diverse and intense as in New England, but we have some color change on the way. The most vibrant will be this vine which turns crimson red.
And a few trees in Bebek are turning yellow. Most other trees seem to be going directly to brown from green.

What we lack in leaf color, we do not lack in berries. Some of the berry clusters are very tempting to consider for an arrangement at home, but I have not plucked any from public or private gardens...well, at least, not yet. The orange is tempting for some Halloween/Thanksgiving decoration...
the purple goes anywhere and everywhere in my book, ...

the white would look nice made into a Christmas wreath...

and the green turns deep purple! My next walk may be with scissors in my purse, rather than my camera.
But after we had the crisp fall morning on Monday, the clouds rolled in and we have rain again and again.

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