Sunday, December 19, 2010


For my husband's niece's 29th birthday, several of us went to Polonezkoy (literal translation Polish Village) for brunch. Polonezkoy is to the east of where we live, away from the city, but still in the official city limits of Istanbul. We knew we arrived when we saw the sign welcoming us in three languages, Turkish, English and Polish. The Polish arrived in 1844, leaving their homeland, which was being absorbed into other empires. Polonezkoy had become a little village with lots of good restaurants for those in Istanbul needing some fresh air to visit. We went to a restaurant and parked the car by the chicken and duck pen. I was hoping we were not eating fowl after seeing these creatures. The family owning/running this restaurant is the 5th generation from the 1844 exodus.
We dined in a private pavillion, which was surrounded by a garden filled with natural flora and kitch. We dined on bread and cheese, more bread and cheese, eggs and special jams. One soft white cheese reminded me of the cheese in Poland, and was more agreeable to my palate than the salty Turkish cheeses. We took home the leftovers.
After eating, my sister-in-law and I took a walk in the local area, where there are green rolling hills, and ...
a protected park with a walking trail. After walking downhill for some time, we retraced our steps uphill and did a good job of cleaning out our lungs.
On our way home, we passed the "Do Widzenia" and look forward to another visit to this village.

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