Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Color Red, or Happy Years

I was surprised to see a clothing store rearranged, now featuring red underwear in the very front of the shop. For New Year's, the Turkish people wear red underwear! Oh, my! I am unprepared for this holiday. You name it, it is available in red - boxers, bikinis and granny panties. Many feature Santa, who will be bringing the presents on New Year's eve.
And no, it is not Valentine's Day yet, but hearts are featured on many shop windows, also for the New Year.

A shoe store made their New Year's Christmas tree out of red shoes.
The town decorated the normally red nostalgic tram with large, sparkling red bows.
The evening of the last full moon was very mild, weather wise, and when returning home, I first went in the opposite direction to take the longer one hour ferry ride home. As we approached the first bridge, the lights made a rotation in red as I took a lopsided picture from the moving ferry.

The direct translation of the Turkish wish for New Year's is "Happy Years". No one can tell me why it is plural. There are always some unexplainable mysteries in this city.
Where ever you are, and what ever color of your underwear, have a happy and healthy 2011!

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