Sunday, January 2, 2011


Today was a bright clear day in the upper 40's, so I took a ride on the 15TY bus heading north on the Asian side. The bus was just about full when I hopped on and then it emptied when we got to the town of Kavacik. But just a stop or two later, the bus filled with school children and suddenly the public bus seemed converted to a school field trip with me being the only adult. I asked the boys sitting behind me if they had school today (Sunday). They had their extra classes, which students take to help prepare for annual school exams. A very nice and chatty boy named Mert sat next to me and started firing questions at me. We conversed in Turkish and I learned that he is 12, lives in Ortacesme, goes to regular school in Ortacesme, Monday through Friday for 6 hours each day, extra classes in Kavacik on Saturday and Sunday for 4 hours each day, his favorite subject is Turkish, he likes the Fenerbahce football (soccer) team, Miami basketball team , has a cousin who lives in Germany and his birthday is June 23rd. He received an equal amount of information about me. He asked if I had children, and I said no, but my husband is a big baby. He had a laugh and I was glad he understood my humor. I should have taken his picture, but did not and left him on the bus when I got off in Beykoz.

Beykoz downtown area is right on the Bosphorus and the water today was a pretty shade of blue. Beykoz was developed later than other areas of Istanbul, so there is a nice wide walking area along a good part of the coastline. Just opposite, is a cemetary with the old carved headstones in the shape of turbans.
Purple primroses were the first indication that it would be a purple day.

An old fountain is in the center of Beykoz with marble floor and walls and faux painted ceiling. The fountain provides a place to wash before praying at the nearby mosque.

The Zumkinoz Selahaffin was docked with quite a crowd working on the black and purple fishing nets.
Just how many people are needed to check the nets? At least a dozen.

Only one person was needed to repair the nets.

Opposite the ship is the entrance to the Beykoz forest, which I would call a park. The local black and gray crows, which live for up to 400 years were also admiring the pansies, trees and view of the Bosphorus.

The 15TY took me back home after a nice walk around town.

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