Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Turkish Ballet

Sureyya Opera House, located in Kadikoy, on the Asian side of Istanbul, is home to the Istanbul Opera and Ballet Company.  The building was originally completed in 1927 and underwent a major renovation in 2007.   It is located on a nice shopping street and on the path of the nostalgic tram which circles an area of Kadikoy.
The opera house was originally built by Sureyya Ilmen (1875-1955) and used as a movie theater until the recent renovation.  His bronze bust is located in the lobby.
The inside of the theater is richly decorated.  I have now been to three ballets.
Most recently, I saw the classical ballet "Don Quixote", which was so nicely performed, I will go see it again.  Four ballerinas rotate in the position of Kitri.  All of the dancers listed in the program have Turkish names, as do the performance management.

Earlier, I saw a performance of Othello, which was billed as a modern ballet.  No toes shoes or classical costumes, but lovely dancing.  In the last scene, a bathtub is on stage with real running water, in which, Desdemona is drowned.  Sorry if I spoiled the ending for anyone...
And the first ballet I saw, was Turkish choreography titled "Four Walls" performed to Mozart's Requiem.  The acoustics in the theater are very good and it is a great spot for a little entertainment.

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