Thursday, January 13, 2011


Kanlica is the village just to the north of us on the Asia side of Istanbul. Along the Bosphorus are beautiful homes called yali. These home goes for multi-millons of euros. Since I was not shopping for expensive real estate, I continued walking north of the downtown area to where the Bosphorus is open to all for fishing, walking or jogging.
Just opposite the walking path, is a shop for decorative terra cotta.
The primary reason for people to go to Kanlica is to savor the delicious Asirlik yogurt, which has been made and enjoyed here since 1870. The yogurt is served with a side bowl of powdered sugar! It's delicious with no sugar added.
The yogurt restaurant has seating outside next to the ferry landing.
The following day, I was on a ferry with a view of the yogurt restaurant from the Bosphorus.

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