Wednesday, January 19, 2011

We're Moving!

We are not moving too far away, just down the same street of the same housing complex in Istanbul.  This new apartment will have the additional features of non-rusty water,  no neighbors upstairs and a terrace above the main floor.  The only downside is the 42 steps down to get to the building's entrance, but its location eliminates the need to walk up and down a steep hill when arriving on foot.
The layout on the inside has just a few differences, including a small pink room off the master bedroom, which will be my study.

We have a large room upstairs, with a terrace,
looking out to the Bosphorus view.
Looking straight down from our hill, is a very quiet factory, which I went down to investigate.
 The entrance was very well maintained, but locked to keep out unwanted visitors.  The company is called Valley Farms, founded by Huseyin Kalealti.  They process spices and  soap root used to produce the Turkish helva candy.  Their website is located at  and it features a picture of the founder's birthplace - a home at the base of the Anadolu Hisari fortress.  The founder's family name, Kalealti, means, "under the fortress".
The location of the founder's birthplace would be among these homes which today sit under the fortress.
We'll move in the beginning of February, probably without our new neighbors down the hill ever finding out.

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  1. Room with a view. How nice for both of you. Best of luck!