Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Vehbi Koc Nature Park

As you drive on the 2nd bridge over the Bosphorus, from Europe to Asia, you see a large Turkish flag flying on top of a treed hill. That hill, named Otagtepe, is home to the Vehbi Koc Nature Park. Today, the skies were very clear, so I called a taxi and had him drive me up there. The park is part of a conservation program established by one of Turkey's industrialist families, named Koc. The park had just received crates of pansies to plant along borders.
Vehbi Koc (1901-1996) is memorialized in bronze at the entrance to the park.

The park has a heliport, walking paths, viewing seats and a reflection pond.

Lovely views of the Bosphorus to the north,

directly across,

and to the south.

After my visit, I had lunch in a neighboring cafe with a more limited Bosphorus view and then walked down the steep hill.

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