Thursday, June 17, 2010


Wherever there is an empty space without a "no fishing" sign, there are fishermen. Here are some fishermen on the Galata Bridge, on an overcast morning. The black smoke in the air is from a ferry or multiple ferries pulling out from the landing nearest the oldest historic district in Istanbul. There are several ferry lines that stop at this landing area, so it is always busy with boats.

Further north, there are fishermen near Emirgan. They use huge poles and each line has up to a dozen hooks. They are catching small silvery fish, which glisten in the sunlight. I did see a fisherman pull out his line with about 10 of these small fishes on the one line. It was a beautiful sight that I was not quick enough to catch on the camera. In the distance, you can see one of the two bridges that crossed the Bosphorus. This is the more northern bridge, more commonly known as the second bridge, as it was built after the first bridge.

And the tradition is extending to women also, as I spotted some fisherwomen trying to catch a little something for dinner. Eating fish in Istanbul is a treat, as it is always fresh.

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