Friday, June 18, 2010

A mezzo Day

Sometimes it is too hot outside for touring. Sometimes is it raining torrentially outside. Sometimes you need to stay home to wait for furniture delivery. Sometimes you need to stay at home to wait for furniture repair. And on it goes.

Those are all good days to turn on the TV to see what's playing. We have a good number of stations that have shows in English. I found an "Ellen" episode taped just before Thankgiving 2008, "Martha Stewart" taped just before the movie "Road to Rodanthe" came out, and "Jay Leno and the Tonight Show", just two days old. Since I never saw any of these shows the first time around, they all seem new to me.

I am happy to see that we have Eurosport in English, which shows a good number of tennis tournaments. They are even showing tennis matches with the World Cup Football (soccer) tournament going on now.

The best TV channel by far is called "mezzo" and it must be from France, as all the advertising is in French. "mezzo" features classical music and dance performances. Most of the performances are from European festivals or concert halls. Again, all new to me, as I missed the original performances.

The workers (workers always come in pairs) who came to replace the chipped leg on the living room chair must also like 'mezzo' the best. Their eyes were glued to the violinist in the red dress the entire time. Fortunately, they could multitask, and the chair is as good as new.

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