Sunday, June 27, 2010

Still Life with Pencil Sharpeners

I needed a pencil sharpener and found at a department store, that you cannot buy just one. Several varieties were available, all in packages of four. So I sprung for the price of all four - the equivalent of 16 cents! Nicely packaged, labeled in Turkish and barcoded on the reverse side. All that for 16 cents, which includes the 8% government tax! Can you guess the most expensive item in the picture? The lime was fairly pricey at $1 for the one lime. Lemons, on the other hand, are quite inexpensive and used liberally in the Turkish cuisine. The lemon cost about 18 cents. Limes are not traditionally used, and in the food store, they were also labeled as lemons. So, the big ticket item in the picture is the sweet potato, priced at $4.37! I did not realize I was buying such a pricey item, until I reviewed the receipt later in the day. And then it was a big decision whether to include the sweet potato in the fish soup I was making for company the next day or not. But no sense hoarding a sweet potato, so into the soup it went.

I also purchased some green glass dishes for the table, to add a bit of color to the room. As you can see, we now have chairs for the table as well as a carpet beneath the table. All set for company. Outside our picture window, we have green hills and terracotta tiles roofs, so I decided to use those colors in brighter hues of light green and orange as accent colors. The dinner was for family and it was nice to see everyone. Only one person tried the fish soup, so as it turns out, I have most of that expensive sweet potato to savour this week as I eat the leftovers!
Did anyone guess the sweet potato as the expensive item? The prize will not be a sweet potato from Turkey, but I do have three extra pencil sharpeners! And yes, the sweet potato price also included 8% government tax!

Enjoy your next sweet potato for me!


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