Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Ebru at 1200 degrees

Ebru is an old Turkish art form of painting with water on paper and creating a marbling effect.  Glass artist Gulin Algul has used the ebru as inspiration for her work in blown glass.  Her work is on exhibit at the Naval Museum in Besiktas and the title of the exhibit is Ebru at 1200 Degrees.
Many stunning pieces are on display, with the marbling effect.  The following are each about a foot in diameter.

This piece was my favorite.
In addition to the glass art pieces on display, pictures on the walls show the processes used in making the pieces.  Gulin does her work in the studios at the Glass Furnace in Istanbul.  Can you feel the 1200 degree temperature just looking at this glass going into the furnace?

More of Gulin's work can be seen on her website  The exhibit at the Naval Museum is on until December 15, 2011.  It is worth a visit to see this glass art exhibit and also the Naval Museum.

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