Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Fall Colors - Japanese Garden

On a sunny day this week, I decided to visit the Japanese Garden in the Bosphorus village of Baltilimani, on the European side.  From Anadolu Hisari, I jumped on the ferry heading north.
 Along the Bosphorus, there are some golden trees.
 And in the Japanese Garden, there were lots of red maples. In the spring, the garden was so full of cherry trees, that I did not expect to see so many Japanese maples.  But the garden is wonderfully designed to showcase the seasonal changes.

 After my garden visit, I walked south to the Bosphorus villages of Rumeli Hisari and Bebek and caught the ferry back to Anadolu Hisari.  As the ferry was pulling in to the landing, I spotted some red just under the hisari or fort.
Best wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving!

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