Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Shopping in Kadikoy

I was off to Kadikoy this week to look for art supplies.  I wasn't the only one out on the streets, this cute crocodile was also out.  I don't recall seeing him before, but he does look like he is part of an important marker in Kadikoy.
 One of the first bead shops I patronized in Istanbul is "bijuland".  They have all sorts of base metal beads and findings as well as beads made of glass, plastic, wood, stone, felt and crystal.  Lots of completed projects are displayed for inspiration.  Beads can be purchased individually or in small packages for seed beads.
 The metal beads come in all sorts of designs, some of which are Turkish designs and Istanbul landmark designs.
 bijuland's original shop is located at Nailbey Sokak No. 40, ...
 and their second shop is just up the same street at number 13.  It is best to stop in both shops to make sure you have seen everything possible.
 A new shop in Kadikoy is "More Than Soap", which has a nice selection of handmade soaps utilizing natural ingredients.  A key is available to help you determine which of the interesting scents meets your needs.  I went for the soap named "Turkish hamam", which is the Turkish bath.  It has a very clean scent.
On their website, you can enter your age, sex and type of skin and receive a list of recommended products.  
 And I did make it to the art supply shop, "Guven Sanat" and found the correct paper for my art class.  They have a great selection of papers, canvases, paint, pastels and anything else artsy that you can think of.

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